About Us


STEELFAB has been operating adjacent to Anchorage’s Ship Creek since 1952. Here, we’ve forged a reputation on exceptional customer service, an extensive product inventory and the very best steel processing and fabrication.

We were in Anchorage when kids went to school in quonset huts, downtown stood just two stories high and there was no pipeline. STEELFAB was here as the State of Alaska exploded into the 20th century, helping build bridges, schools and a thriving oil and gas industry.

When Richard and Janet Faulkner bought the company in 1988, they initiated an ambitious and intensive capital improvement campaign, expanding the site to what it is today.

STEELFAB encompasses 84,000 square feet under roof with an additional 16,000-square-foot outside under-crane storage area. Combined, this provides more than 100,000 square feet of covered/craned working space on 10 acres of property with a 2.5-acre outside erecting pad (with in-ground dedicated power available).

This space allows for fabrication, coating, shot blasting, six 10-ton overhead cranes, five 5-ton overhead cranes and four 1-ton jib cranes that meet all your processing activity requirements.

STEELFAB uses industry leading state-of-the-art equipment such as our computer-guided Titan Plasma/Oxy Cutting Burn Table and Prodevco PCR Plasma Cutting Robotic Beam Processing Machinery.

We have completely revamped all our storage and process systems which has greatly improved all our material storage capacities, modernizing and improving the safety-enhancement picture at STEELFAB.

To assist North Slope production and general contractors, STEELFAB always maintains over 100,000 tons of steel products.

A Message from STEELFAB President Richard Faulkner

Alaskans are a proud group of highly individual people. Many themes unite us by nature; first and foremost, and where STEELFAB comes in, we’d rather do a job entirely in Alaska when possible.

We are proud of the quality of work we produce. As the largest integrated, locally owned, steel company, service center and fabricator in Alaska (with the largest volume capacity) we provide large and small products to oil, construction and other industries of this our great state.

Our goal is to make sure our customers never have to leave Alaska to get their steel needs met. We are confident we meet and exceed the capabilities of all other steel centers in Alaska, and we plan to keep it that way.