Paint that’s Alaska Proof

In Alaska’s harsh conditions, the coating is just as important as the weld. Our 12,000-square-foot paint shop operates year-round and features two 5-ton cranes and a 100-foot shot blaster that preps steel and other metals in short order. An adjacent 1,000-square-foot blasting tent further expands our capacity and efficiency.

We maintain a sophisticated paint and coating endorsement from the American Institute of Steel Construction. STEELFAB is a member of NACE International. The paint shop supervisory personnel are NACE certified inspectors certified by the Society of Protective Coatings.

Features of our Steelfab Paint SHop

  • Climate-controlled indoor facility
  • 12,000-square-foot facility dedicated to painting/coating
  • Sandblasting
  • 1,000-square-foot blasting tent
  • Thermo-arc spraying (zinc/aluminum)
  • Epoxy and polymer paints
  • Shop Primers
  • Quality applications to dry film thickness
  • AISC sophisticated paint and coating endorsement
  • Society for Protective Coatings certifications