STEELFAB has the LARGEST group of steel processing equipment in Alaska.

  • Messer MPC2000 – Largest burn table in the state
  • Prodevco PCR42 – Only beam line in the state
  • Ogden Dart 1V – Only beam fabricator in the state
  • Masteel-MBHS20600 – Largest press brake in the state

STEELFAB has the equipment to process steel plates, angles, beams, tubes, channels, and pipes of just about any size and shape. If your WF beam size is not a standard size, we can custom fabricate to your specification in our 83,000-square-foot shop. For completing projects, STEELFAB will comply with your AISC/Project specifications.


Messer MPC2000 Precision Cutting System

  • LARGEST plate processing machine in Alaska at 17′ wide x 55′ long
  • Powered by Hypertherm HPR400XD – HD Plasma Cutting System
  • Capable of processing steel sheets up to 2″ thick
  • Burn any shape holes including round, square, obround, etc
  • Multiple bevel capabilities
  • Built-in drill line, with available bit sizes up to 2″
  • Rip WT shapes from wide flange beams up to 50′ long
  • Perforate pipe, angle, square, and rectangle tube

Messer Titan II Plasma Cutter

  • 10′ wide x 24′ long
  • Powered by a Hypertherm HPR260XD, capable of processing 1.5″ thick plate
Prodevco PCR42 Plasma Cutting Robot

Prodevco PCR42 Robotic Plasma Thermal Cutter

  • ONLY beam line in Alaska
  • Powered by a Hypertherm XPR300 HD Plasma Cutting System
  • Includes a robotic arm for precision and power
  • Capable of cutting four faces of a profile in a single pass including slots, holes, copes, and markings
Shape Minimum (in) Maximum (in)
Width Height Width Height
H Beam 4 4 36 16
Channel 3 1.25 36 16
Angle 2 2 8 8
HSS 2 2 24 20
Round* 4 4 26 26
Minimum raw shape length is 7’ X unlimited max length
*Requires round tube/pipe option (hollow sections)

Ogden Dart IV Beam Fabrication

  • ONLY adjustable beam welding system in Alaska
  • STEELFAB is the only processor with the ability to custom fabricate low temp (CVN tested) structural steel shapes that meet arctic environment specifications
  • This system supplies high-quality welds at speeds six times the manual rate, with the ability to make custom size and length beams to exacting specifications
  • Minimum 10″ between flanges and a maximum 120″ between flanges
  • Necessary equipment for AISC Bridge Fabricating Certification

Masteel MBHS 20600 Press Brake

  • LARGEST press brake in Alaska
  • 600-ton press brake
  • Capable of bending .5” thick x 20’ long plate into a 90-degree angle

Accurpress 725012 Press Brake

  • 250-ton press break
  • Capable of bending steel plate up to .25″ thick x 12ft long

Bertsch #14 Plate Roller

  • LARGEST capacity plate roller in Alaska
  • Capable of rolling steel plate up to 1” thick x 10’ wide
IMCAR: CPHV80 Bender

IMCAR CPHV-80 Pipe Roller

  • Custom roll pipe, angle, tube, and flat or round bar
HTC: 500-10A Plate Shear

HTC 500-10A Shear

  • Shears steel plate up to .5” thick x 10’ wide

Spartan Model 180-DX Ironworker

  • Reliable and durable punch and shear station for high-quality metalwork
  • 180-ton capacity
Kalamazoo Abrasive Cutoff Saw

Kalamazoo Hot Saw

  • Capable of cutting tube, angle, flat and round bar, and channels
  • Used for all warehouse applications
Trennjaeger Cold Saw

Trennjaeger Cold Saw

  • Precision cutting of all materials including aluminum, steel, alloys, and stainless
  • Capable of cutting steel plates up to 5″ thick and 39″ wide
  • Bar grate cutting

HEM Saw WF 130 HA-DC-C

  • 1.5″ blade driven by an lOHP motor
  • 48″ bar-feed offers multiple indexes for longer parts
VT 120 HA Vertical Band Saw

HEM Saw V-120

  • Industry standard vertical saw
  • Cut miters right and left up to 60 degrees