Adjustable Vertical Support Systems

Alaska Designed. Arctic Ready.

Patented system allows instant pipeline adjustments operated by a single technician. Patent # US-10648594-B1

Steel Fabricated Value Stream Mapping system, insulated pipes at right angles, supported by blue brackets, outdoors in the winter

STEELFAB has pioneered, patented, and manufactured adjustable vertical support systems for oil and gas operations in arctic environments on the North Slope. This technology is also being applied across the mining, agriculture, aviation, construction, and seafood industries.

Adjustable Vertical Pipe Stands:

Designed and patented in Alaska to provide the necessary support even in subsidence-likely regions. While especially vital in oil fields, where the ground naturally moves up and down, natural resource industries are seeing a huge advantage and savings. Being able to simply adjust jack-up stands manually with just a few turns of the built-in crank is a literal game-changer! No more needing to pay for an entire crew for routine pipe adjustments. Our system is safer, faster, and simpler. Call for a quote today.

Height-Adjustable Pipe Stands:

These adjustable-height support stands are a useful option for operations where the ground can shift seasonally. Securely held in place by adjustable hardware, these supports can be modified by your crew with limited tools.

Static Pipe Stands:

Our steel-constructed, fixed-height support stands are a classic and economic option for keeping your operations’ equipment off the ground. When welded to one of our J-Line brackets, these stands can be set at the height you need for your facility. Stable, safe, and simple.

Meeting the Needs of Alaskans

The largest locally-owned steel service center in the state, STEELFAB supports Alaska’s industries. A one-stop full-service center, we work with customers to ensure their steel-related needs are met. We are the go-to company for raw products and processing, providing an array of high-quality, cost-effective services and steel products. We’ve built support systems that can hold 50,000-60,000 lbs., so if you have a custom need, call us so we can start the fabrication process.